Client Experience

Over the years our clients have come from many diverse fields and industries. We pride ourselves in being able to meet the challenge presented by our clients and successfully achieve the result desired.


  • Miami Ostomy Aftercare Program, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Florida corporation serving patients who have had ostomy surgery (usually cancer patients), and cannot find aftercare services or instruction to learn to live with their new elimination system, for public relations, special events, publicity, fundraising and management consultation.
  • CorCare, a cardiac monitoring service for physicians with nursing home in-patients, for brochure.
  • Florida Kidney Transplant Program, located in five medical centers statewide, for massive statewide public relations campaign including publicity on transplantations, lobbying for donor cards in driver license stations, development of campaign to inform medical community, with the use of speakers bureaus, talk shows, posters, and seminars.
  • Informed Consent, AIDS testing/counseling service operated by four physicians, for promotion of services.
  • Key Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Pharmaceutical manufacturer, for special events.
  • La Huis Medical Laboratory, serving doctors and hospitals, for brochure and promotional campaign.
  • Miami Heart Institute, world-famous private cardiac hospital, for public relations and development campaigns, publicity, publications including "Monitor" MHI's official publication and special events.
  • SmithKline Clinical Laboratories, major clinical laboratory, for Health Fair program annually, including brochures and posters.
  • St. Francis Hospital, a community hospital run by the Catholic Franciscan order, for public relations and development campaigns, publicity, publications including "Franciscan" their official publication, and special events.
  • Sunrise School for Retarded Children, a residential home for severely retarded children, for fund-raising campaign to build new facility.

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