How We Work

The full spectrum of public relations and marketing services are provided by Susan Neuman, Inc.

Step 1

Typically, we begin a new client assignment with a public relations audit.

The audit researches and establishes:

  • A client’s present condition,
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the company, product or service,
  • The opportunities available and the threats existing,
  • And the perception of the client with the people important to the client’s success.

Step 2

From the Public Relations Audit, we create an Action Plan:

  • Outlines steps to be taken to correct misconceptions, remedy ills, capitalize on strengths and
  • Sets goals and creates benchmarks for achievement.
  • A time table and budget are included.

Step 3

The Implementation of the Action Plan begins:

The implementation of the action plan utilizes whatever communication “tools” that are needed: such as publicity, media relations, brochures, audio visual presentations, speaker’s bureau, direct mail, internet presence, lobbying, grass roots campaigns, employee or shareholder programs, and other marketing mix ingredients ; to achieve the goals. See Services We Provide below.

Step 4

Results are Evaluated against Goals:

Lastly, we evaluate the results against the objectives set to determine if goals have been met and desired results achieved. Evaluations can take place every six months to two years, depending on the client’s goals and objectives. The action program is re-adjusted as needed at each evaluation point.

Services We Provide

Public Relations
Communications Audit
Special Events
Social Media
Sales Promotion
Fund Raising
Graphic Design & Art
Specialty Advertising
Research & Surveys
Speech Writing
Speaker Training
Speaker’s Bureau
Direct Mail Promotions
Employee Training
Video Production
Internet Events
Shareholder Relations